We share a simple roadmap to gain conscious knowledge of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. This self awareness helps you have more happiness, contentment and success regardless of external circumstances.

Melissa Albers

Melissa is a family girl, business owner, loud laugher and lover of people.  As a self awareness and self development junkie she runs a company that focuses on the same.  She loves trying new things, and has recently picked up the Ukulele (with questionable but satisfying results) and hip hop dancing (with even more questionable yet satisfying results).  Oh yeah, she also loves her many dogs and eats a LOT of candy.

If you’d like to connect with Melissa, you can find her at 612.751.2115 or melissa@theselfawarenessjourney.com.

JJ Parker

An operational expert, JJ is the guy that keeps all the lights on.  Quick to develop ideas, research and problem solve, he's started multiple companies and still runs his tech firm.  He loves learning and being creative, and seasonally can be seen snowboarding, rock climbing or practicing his latest endeavor - flying small airplanes. JJ is pretty fond of his family, cool art projects (like an ice igloo in his backyard once) and digs hoodies too.

If you’d like to connect with JJ, you can find him at jj@theselfawarenessjourney.com
For media inquiries contact us at: info@theselfawarenessjourney.com

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