The Self Awareness Journey Course

Join today!  We’ve all learned how to live using certain guidelines and beliefs.  So many of those habits and beliefs no longer serve us, and are simply habits we have used when we less aware than we are now. If you are reading this – you are ready NOW. Don’t delay this work for another day. You deserve to be happy, content and satisfied. The world needs you!  

As we work on ourselves individually, we create a collective that supports every person on the planet. Get started today, we are with you in this journey and you CAN do it.

Course launching November 1st!

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3 step process

Get to know yourself

We start by helping you observe your own process from the time you get triggered by something, to how your handle your feelings and subsequently create further experiences.

How do you deal
with life today?

We all have developed coping skills and behaviors (often self destructive) to help us avoid our true self. These behaviors often manifest as bad relationships or outcomes, as well as missed opportunities. This step helps you identify your personal behaviors and processes.

Healthy ways
to stay yourself

This is the best part!  This step teaches you mental and emotional rewiring techniques and strategies to help you come home to yourself. When you are in your centered place, everything in your life becomes easier and better.

Explore the course

A different way of life

What is the self awareness journey?
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How does it feel to be authentically you?
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Where do we go from here?

Get to know yourself

Observe your own internal process
Observe your own internal process
Personal Focus

How do you deal with life today?

What Skills have you developed to cope?
Acting like someone else
Toxic relationships
Self-destructive behaviors
Seeking external validation

Healthy ways to stay yourself

Coming Home

Practice, practice, practice


Final thoughts

Final thoughts

What people are saying:

"I follow The Self Awareness Journey and find it to be a great source of inspiration and motivation."
"The Self Awareness Journey helped me better understand different types of people other than myself."
"TSAJ increased my self awareness by making me much more aware of how my behavior affects others"
"After hearing examples given by other people, I was able to apply learning to myself."
"The Self Awareness Journey helped verify the things that validate me."
"Going through The Self Awareness Journey served as a good reminder that we are all dealing with stuff and to be mindful of your own mental state and to keep an open mind toward others. Thanks so much!"
"I had a few minutes to watch your videos and I really think that these are important for everyone to all watch."

How The Self Awareness Journey came to be

JJ and Melissa have been friends, business partners, and peers for many years. Both consider themselves highly invested in personal growth, and hatched the idea of The Self Awareness Journey one afternoon over coffee. They realized that together, they
were able to explore topics of awareness to a much deeper degree with more profound results. They soon became excited at the prospect of going on a self-awareness journey together, creating a place for others to join them.

Course launching November 1st!

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"What if being more self-aware could help with your mental health? Two Minnesotans want you to join them on The Self-Awareness Journey."

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"Lino Lakes resident helps create resource for cultivating self-awareness"

- Rachel M. Anderson
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"The importance of mental health and well-being is at an all-time high. There’s no shortage of statistics highlighting the prevalence of burnout, chronic stress and mental health challenges for individuals in the workplace."

- Dr. Karen Doll
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