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The Art of Self Awareness

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Let’s face it: Everything we do is about how it makes us feel. But do you really know what your core feelings are? Why is it even important to understand them?

What if  I told you that deeply exploring these feelings can unlock your true desires and transform your life?

Forget outside circumstances, people or timing. They don’t matter. When you are fully self-aware, you have control over how you react to your thoughts so you can manifest a spectacular life that’s just waiting for you.

Are you lost? Stuck? Unmotivated? Frustrated with the status quo but don’t know what to do next? We are here to help and can’t wait to be your guides on your journey to self awareness.

Pondering what a more authentic life looks like for you? We've been there. Listen to course co-guide Melissa talk about the inspiration behind the Self Awareness Journey.

Build better relationships. Be more productive. Get a better job. Make more money. Be happier. Feel less stress.

Sounds good, right? But just how do you get there?


You can’t make meaningful enhancements in your life unless you deeply understand your true inner workings.
Here’s how the Art of Self Awareness course will change your life.


Learn about
your emotional reactions.

What happens when something in your environment triggers an emotional response (positive or negative)? Discover how you react in different circumstances.


Over the course of your life, you’ve developed coping skills for life’s various ups and downs. Identify your tendencies–from productive to self-destructive–that manifest in everything from your relationships to your career and beyond.

Understand your coping skills.


Develop healthy ways to remain true to yourself.

We love this part!  Learn mental and emotional rewiring techniques and strategies. When you are centered, everything in your life is easier and better.

Meet your course guides

We are two people on a journey just like you. We are entrepreneurs and successful business owners. Parents and friends. Leaders and volunteers. Caregivers and teachers.

But most of all, we are students of life. We’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours personally exploring the topics we cover in this course. And what we’ve learned is just too good to keep to ourselves!  

Melissa Albers

Business owner
Executive coach
Meet Melissa and JJ
Learn more about Melissa and JJ

JJ Parker

Technology leader

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During the Art of Self Awareness course, we’ll guide you to a different way of life that’s more authentically you. You’ll:
Become more satisfied with your life right now.
Improve your relationships.
Experience less stress and anxiety.
Have control over your emotions and reactions to them.
Show up more confidently.
Enhance your leadership skills.
Make better choices that support your desired life.
As a bonus, you'll also get:
Access to a private group of other people going through the same journey
A 30-minute 1-1 session with Melissa to start you on your path to success

It's you. Enlightened.

Take the course for free...
Let’s be honest. We know you have a lot of personal and professional development choices—from books and podcasts to retreats and workshops.

Here’s how the Art of Self Awareness is different: It’s not rhetoric or self exploration with no true goal in sight. You'll not only manifest true self-awareness, you'll learn how to apply it in all aspects of your life.
"TSAJ increased my self awareness by making me much more aware of how my behavior affects others."
"The Self Awareness Journey helped me better understand different types of people other than myself."

Explore the full list of lessons.

The start of my journey

Download the Reflection Journal
What is the self awareness journey?
How does it feel to be authentically me?
What can I expect in this process?

Get to know myself

Observe my own internal process
The Roadmap Explained
The Self Awareness Journey Overview
Triggers Lesson
Feelings Lesson
Authentic vs. Actor Self Lesson
Consequences Lesson
Personal Focus Lesson
Environment Lesson

How do I deal with
life today?

Coping skills explored
Acting like someone else
Self-destructive behaviors
Toxic relationships
Seeking external validation

Coming Home

Learning to be centered

Practice, practice, practice


Final thoughts

Final thoughts
Stay Involved
Self Awareness Refresh!