Reflections of Self-Awareness Journey

Self-awareness comes in as many definitions as a dictionary page can hold – and then some.  But what does it really mean?  It is likely that every single one of us has a different definition compared to the next person.  Throughout my time studying this topic with my own personal work, as well as coaching my clients over the years – I’ve come to the conclusion that for me self-awareness means my ability to have conscious knowledge of my own emotions, thoughts and actions. Further, it means recognizing the value of those emotions when they intersect with my thoughts and actions.   Simply put – self-awareness is my relationship with me.  I also believe that when I focus on that relationship as the basis for all other relationships – I am honoring my highest and best interests.  I’m taking care of myself first, and it feels really good.  As a matter of fact, absolutely everything becomes easier.  My relationships with people, my job, my financial status, and even the opportunities that come to me.  All are enhanced and made easier.  

This simple and summarized paragraph would infer that it’s as easy as a few words on a page, and that anybody can get there on their own. But I know better.  Throughout the years, I’ve spent hours in therapist chairs, crying to my friends, seeking shelter from my life – all with the desperate desire of feeling good.  That’s all. I just wanted to feel good. I remember sobbing in my bathtub on my 25th birthday, thinking I was a “quarter of a century old” and had NOTHING to show for it.  (OK….side note here. This actually happened and yes, I do see the humor in this.  I was being a bit dramatic!)  

As the decades of my life have moved past (I’m now in my fifth!), I have come to really enjoy learning more about myself.  I have also deeply appreciated the love and trust my clients and friends have given me over the years as I’ve partnered with them in their self-discoveries.  Through this love, The Self Awareness Journey was borne.  

The Self-Awareness Journey is a DIY roadmap that offers 7 learning modules to help you operate in your own highest and best interest.  It provides a process that draws your attention to your own internal thoughts, feelings and actions in a different and simple way. It’s an entry point to your own self-discovery. Where are you on this journey today?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you feel content and satisfied most of the time – regardless of what is happening around you?
  • Do you usually feel a centeredness and calmness?
  • Are you feeling really effective and successful in your roles whether they be at home, work or elsewhere?

If you answered NO to most or all of those questions …that’s great!  Honestly, I think the majority of us have some moments when we feel pretty connected to ourselves yet there are many more moments when we just don’t.   Still wondering? Here are a few more questions that may be helpful.

  • Do you ever feel like you have to defend or protect yourself around others?
  • Do you feel anxious without a specific source or obvious reason?
  • Do you sometimes get physical issues like stomach-aches or stress headaches in response to your feelings?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions – I am really glad you found The Self Awareness Journey, especially because there is NO COST to use this resource. It’s here for you. It’s here for any and all that may find it valuable.  The only thing I ask, is that you share it with others that you think may benefit from it too. Check it out at  You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, iTunes or Spotify (for our podcasts).  Give yourself a chance, you deserve as much as this world can give you.


Photo by Jeffrey Doty Photography with permission