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The Self Awareness Journey

This podcast is for seekers. It’s for experienced deep thinkers and anyone just beginning to look inward. For the young, old and anyone in between. For those stuck in a self-sabatoging mindset to those looking to enhance their lives.

We're here for all of you.
July 9, 2024

This isn’t a woo-woo self-help podcast. Yes, you’ll be inspired. Yes, you’ll be excited by the conversations. Yes, we talk about enlightenment.

So what makes it different? We keep it real, my friend. We encourage you to look at yourself with a critical eye. And we challenge you to uncover your true self in concrete–not just hypothetical–ways.

Listen if you want to:

  • Better understand what’s in the way of being your authentic self
  • Take specific steps to deeper self-awareness
  • Apply these lessons to all areas of your life
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Your Hosts

Melissa Albers + JJ Parker
Meet Melissa and JJ
Just like all of you, we are on a life-long journey to improve ourselves. We've extensively studied and applied the concepts discussed in each episode to our own lives.

But we also bring a unique perspective you won’t hear elsewhere. As successful business owners and coaches, we also teach you how to use these lessons to elevate your career as well as your personal life.

This isn't your ordinary self-help podcast.

Get ready to explore topics like:

  • Self care and protecting your energy
  • Changing how you talk to yourself
  • Identifying your bad habits and triggers
  • How anxiety and fear hold you back
  • Developing an abundance mindset
  • How negativity and negative relationships sabotage…
  • How money and salary can impact your feeling of self worth
  • Forgiving not just others, but most importantly, yourself

What life are you creating for yourself today?

Our podcast is just the beginning of your path to deeper self awareness. We’ve also developed an easy-to-follow course to help you create the life you want and deserve.

With our guidance, you embark on your own self-guided journey that lets you go at your own pace.
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"So glad I stumbled across The Self Awareness Journey! After listening to just one episode...I was hooked. I can tell a lot of thought and research is put into every episode, and I find myself looking forward to each episode drop. Keep the solid content coming--I am a HUGE fan!!"
"Melissa and JJ share authentic experiences and insights. Just the right length too!"
"I really enjoy listening to JJ and Melissa discuss life and the self awareness journey each of them are on."

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